Roof Cleaning

The MasterBlasta roof cleaning technique yields instant results and does not require the roof to 'weather' to remove moss, mould and fungus as required by some roof treatments.

A safe, environmentally friendly cleaning agent is used first, to kill mould, mould spores, moss, fungus, oils, grease, dirt and grime. After allowing a few minutes for the cleaning agent to react, it, and the dirty residue from your roof is simply flushed away using a LOW PRESSURE SOFT WASH that will NOT HARM your roof.

This cleaning technique is suitable for corrugated iron, colour steel, Decromastic, and Concrete tile roofs.

The work is carried out with due consideration to safety, requiring the rigging of a safety harness. All of our operators are experienced in the use of safety equipment and working at heights.

Gutter Cleaning

We clean your gutters by flushing with low pressure water - for severely blocked gutters a clean by hand might be necessary first prior to flushing.

Often, on single story buildings built on flat sections, gutters that are not severely blocked can be cost effectively flushed using ground based equipment only, without a requirement for access to the roof.

Where gutters are severely blocked, on multi-storied buildings, or sloping sections, access to the roof is often required for an effective clean. This will involve the rigging of a safety harness. On these building types, a MasterBlasta roof clean in conjunction with the gutter clean is often very cost effective.

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